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This first-time viewers page introduces our medical stress management program. As AcuDestress is a uniquely effective application of state-of-the-art ways to work with stress - mindfulness and neuroplasticity, this page is meant to expand your knowledge. YOU may also CLICK HERE for an overview.

Learn more about the AcuDestress program below in text or on video. The program is introduced in a series of questions and answers on the left and, on the right in a series of short videos 
by its founder and creator, Dr. Brian C. Bailey. In 1990, Dr. Bailey  was introduced to its main component - an ear acupuncture variation called AcuDetox - the seminal work of Dr. Michael O. Smith M.D. (now retired from) New York City’s Lincoln Hospital.
  1. QUESTION: Who is Dr. Bailey and what is AcuDestress?

  2. Dr. Brian C. Bailey ( also see curriculum vitae) entered family medicine in 1969 in Smiths Falls Ontario, and because of a lack of mental health services in a small town, rapidly became interested in his patients’ mental and emotional growth and development. But he found too that it was difficult to devote the time it required in order to do a good and complete job due to the time demands of medical practice.

  3. Dr. Bailey sought a way of delivering a highly effective mental exercises which could be integrated fully over a short period. His early forays into the field taught him a lot but failed the acid test of the time they took and/or the permanence and depth of the change, until he heard Dr. Michael O. Smith M.D.  speak in Toronto in 1990.

Dr. Michael O. Smith expanded his organization (NADA)’s mandate by successfully treating the mass trauma of the World Trade Center disaster on September 11th 2001. Here is a 4 minute video of it....

  1. Dr. Bailey’s contribution creates a powerful intersect between high-results AcuDetox® ear acupuncture and modern neuroscience, by adding high-impact mindfulness and neuroplasticity.

  1. QUESTION: While anyone might benefit are there some patients who benefit better than others?

  2. ANSWER: initially we used it for patients who had not done well with other methods (people we saw as “stuck” or those who were tired of being
    on psychoactive medications. There are several people whose problems are associated with medical problems like gluten sensitivity (see The Magic of AcuDetox Ch. 4) who will not improve on a gluten free diet alone. Gluten sensitives who are gluten free benefit. Dr. Bailey wrote this book for potential recipients. It’s accessible here.

Patients may be referred by any health care practitioner. If there is any question regarding payment, After your intake appointment you decide whether to attend. Our administrator,  Jane Vance is at 613-319-6750.  We prefer referrals with a short note.  After attending an intake session a very few patients prove unsuitable for the program.  Patients may refer themselves, and often do, based on recommendations of others.


  1. QUESTION: Why choose ACUDESTRESS over other methods? What patients benefit?

  2. ANSWER: Used originally to treat chronic stress which hadn’t yielded to other methods, ACUDESTRESS deftly applies what the very best therapies today use - effective mindfulness (without having to master meditation) and effective neuroplasticity (in just FOUR weeks. ) Who benefit? People with chronic depression, anxiety, OCD, personality disorders & controlled psychoses. Patients with acute problems, no! If  you’re in need of crisis care, choose counselling instead.

Our patients learn major new skills in four weeks or less!

They’ll tell you that themselves (see below)

  1. QUESTION: Is the program covered financially?

ANSWER: Dr. Smith’s AcuDetox program for

  addiction is offered without fee at some Toronto

  hospitals in the University of Toronto system, based

  on a global fee paid by OHIP. We’re not there yet.


We rely on receiving some fees. Our program has

  almost an hour of talk therapy each session, which is

covered 100% by OHIP for Ontario residents.

  Quebec patients pay for Ontario services, and are

  reimbursed by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du

  Québec.  (see Cost)

Acupuncture Fees :There are a number of ways that we are compensated (see Cost) - from employee supplementary health care plans, and most recently a plan by which patients of Ottawa’s Community Health Centres  attend sessions at no out-of-pocket fee.


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QUESTION : 1.) What is the success rate?

Ear acupuncture has virtually doubled my success rate with chronic mental and emotional distress, which at the outset was probably a little higher than the 40% success rate most therapists expect to attain in longstanding stress.

2.) What about people on medication for emotional/mental symptoms?

I do not prescribe psychoactive medication. Never have. If people are already taking medication, they continue. It does not interfere. Many people work with their doctor to stop their medication about two months after the treatment.

3.) What feedback is provided to health care personnel who refer patients?

A comprehensive report is sent to referring health care personnel.

4.) You offer at least some sessions using telemedicine. How come?

This is an extremely efficient way to deliver mental/emotional health care without sacrificing effectiveness. The demand for chronic mental health care vastly exceeds its availability. Without losing any effectiveness, we can treat several people spread over two locations, whereas we might be treating only 8 people if we weren’t doing it this way. It also results in a huge saving in healthcare dollars.

5.) How would you describe a typical session of AcuDestress?

The best answer  is to show you a slice of a session. See the video (right).

Your patient’s first step is to have an INTAKE APPOINTMENT with Dr. Bailey. Anything they read beforehand is meant to clarify details.

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This page is a first-time viewer page for HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS, if you’ve seen already seen it and are here to refer a patient CLICK HERE


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Locations: Sessions will be  held at Southeast Ottawa Community Resource Centre at 1355 Bank St.