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This page allows you to refer a patient by e-mail. ideally we’d like to receive a short note. At the very least we require an OHIP number and Date of Birth and the patient’s daytime phone number so we can call them.

               SEND YOUR E-MAIL to



Patients may be referred by any health care practitioner, including nurses. Your referral note goes to our program coordinators first.

Your patient’s experience of AcuDestress begins with an individual intake visit of one hour, which is  covered by OHIP fully and approximately 90% by the Régie de l’assurance maladie de Québec.  After your intake appointment you decide whether to attend. Our administrator,  Jane Vance is at 613-319-6750.  She handles payments and insurance receipts. Visit our APPOINTMENTS PAGE  with remaining questions and to book your patient’s intake date/time and our Frequently Asked Questions page.



Answers to extra health care provider questions also  at


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER IN ADVANCE for your OHIP-covered INTAKE SESSION. call Jane Vance 12 - 4  613-319-6750 weekdays, or  leave a message, or e-mail : admin@acudestress.ca

Patients of SEOCHC call Dominique Massé 613-737-7195 ext 2416 or Alannah Borden ext 2353

We currently use four brochures to give people essential entry-level information. Rather than having to depend on the AcuDestress Institute for delivering brochures, our brochures appear here so that you can print them when and if you need them, in colour or in black and white. The existing older brochure, simply called AcuDestressBrochure2016.pdf (also pictured below) which we have used and continue to use for the general public who pay fees to attend, reads as two pages which are meant to print back-to-back.  Print one side then turn the printed side over and print the other side. 

A second one-sided SEOCHC brochure has recently (fall 2014) been editted for clarity for patients of South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre and other CHC’s in Ottawa. Each explains the fee exemption provided to rostered SEOCH patients. It is called here  SEOCHC Brochure, ( being a short-form version of Acudestress Brochure which can be used to leave in patient waiting room areas, leaving patients to decide to attend on their own.) While we’d prefer to have a single brochure which fits all purposes, we have found that differing constituencies need different information. 


Once people move beyond general interest gathering and want to explore whether to actually attend a session, they need information which is less general and more specific to that decision. To provide patients who have been given an intake appointment  with Dr. Bailey with program-specific information, we have recently added two PATIENT INFORMATION SHEET brochures, one for the fee-paying general public simply called Patient Information Sheet and one for the fee-exempt patients at South-East Ottawa CHC by the same name but named here SEOCHC Referral Brochure to distinguish the specific information it includes for SEOCH patients. If you are either a patient of a health care provider at need further clarification of the information on this form, please visit out  frequently asked questions page.  We also include a copy of our SEOCH provider referral form, which is the form providers send us)

To access any brochure, CLICK on the icon and it will come up for you in full size for printing.  

If you have questions feel free to call Jane Vance at 613-319-6750
Acudestress Brochure (for general distribution among the public - except rostered SEOCHC patients)

CLICK THE BROCHURE icons to download and print brochures for your personal use.
With the brochure below, you need only to CLICK the first page, to access both pag

SEOCHC Brochure 
(for general distribution at CHC’s) 

 only for people who take intake appointments)
This has further information especially for people
 who don’t have access to our web site

Patient information Sheet                              SEOCHC Referral Brochure
(for non-CHC patients paying a fee)                 (for fee-exempted SEOCHC patients)


Introductory Letter with Instructions to Patients. Depending on where patients will be doing their INTAKE, Surround Circle Yoga or South East Ottawa Community Health Centre choose a letter you can send them with instructions about their INTAKE APPOINTMENT

                         Appointment at South East Ottawa CHC
                                                   (CLICK icon to print)

Letter to Patients who have actually registered to attend AFTER their Intake Session with instructions about payment, attendance etc.  PLEASE DOWNLOAD, PRINT and GIVE TO PATIENT

                          Protocol for booking patients  CLICK to PRINT


The Referral Alternative - The Royal Ottawa Hospital

We are happy to see that the Ontario Telemedicine Network is also providing access to psychiatric experts at the Royal Ottawa Hospital for the Community Health Centres in Ottawa. Because we do not involve ourselves with medications, we refer selected patients to the Royal Ottawa Hospital too, on occasion, but our patients are usually suited for ambulatory care as they are able to make their own decisions about the nature of care they choose to receive. Not every patient has that capability. Some think they do, but
don’t, really. And some patients need the protection of an in-patient setting.

What you see here is our own opinion of what we can treat well and what we can’t. It is made up only of our experience. We have not asked the Royal Ottawa their opinion or whether they agree with our inclusion criteria. We do not prescribe psychoactive medication, but patients already on medication are welcome to attend AcuDestress.

A number of our patients might have been admitted to hospitals like the ROH had they not been treated by us. A very few patients have benefitted from brief hospitalization in the midst of AcuDestress. But our outpatient patient population is quite evidently much less severely ill than that of a psychiatric hospital. The grey zone where patients might go either way exists with Bipolar Disorder, where some patients are best hospitalized for their own protection and to be medicated, while most Bipolar patients could attend our sessions. Psychotics who are stabilized often get great normalizing experiences at AcuDestress, but if agitated, they disturb others. We have elected not to treat substance addiction. Rather, we refer substance-addicted patients to other groups in the CHC system which also treat that entity with AcuDetox. Addicts are too disruptive to people attending our groups who are fighting their own battles and can’t yet tolerate somebody’s else’s.

The Royal Ottawa Hospital houses a private clinic  opening in July 2016 which uses rTMR, a modality similar to AcuDestress which “scrambles” existing brain patterns. As yet it lacks a component which creates new ones. 



Chronically  stressed people do not do well with multiple step, phone-me-back, complex processes. If you’re referring them, provide them with everything they need on their first visit. Have a look at the video above about this.

If you want your patient to have the PATIENT HISTORY FORM on the right to take to their Intake Session CLICK HERE and print it for them.

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Locations: Most sessions will be  held at Southeast Ottawa Community Resource Centre at 1355 Bank St.