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This first-time viewers page introduces our medical stress management program. As AcuDestress is a uniquely effective application of state-of-the-art ways to work with stress the twin skills - mindfulness and neuroplasticity, the page will expand your vista on it.

Learn more about the AcuDestress program below. The program is introduced in a series of questions on the left and in a series of answers and short videos on the right by its founder and creator, Dr. Brian C. Bailey M.D.


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1.) Who is Dr. Brian Bailey?

      How did AcuDestress originate and why?

2.) Who is Dr. Michael O. Smith and what was his

     contribution to AcuDestress?

3.) Why choose ACUDESTRESS over other methods?

      Which patients benefit?

4.) While anyone might benefit are there some patients

     who benefit better than others?

5.) Is the program covered financially?

6.) Is AcuDestress for adults only or can youth benefit ?

Your experience of AcuDestress begins with an individual intake visit of one hour, which is  covered by OHIP fully and approximately 90% by the Régie de l’assurance maladie de Québec.  After your intake appointment you decide whether to attend. Our administrator,  Jane Vance is at 613-319-6750.  She also handles payments and insurance receipts. Visit our APPOINTMENTS PAGE  with remaining questions and to book your intake date/time and our Frequently Asked Questions page for further inquiries.

People planning to attend may enjoy reading  our favourite book on neuroplasticity. The Brain That Changes Itself is by Canadian author Dr. Norman Doidge. Dr. Bailey’s own (free) explanatory online book The Magic of AcuDetox Part 1. and the page on this site devoted to Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity are helpful explanations. Reading, however, is optional, before and during sessions.

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Your patient’s first step is to have an INTAKE APPOINTMENT with Dr. Bailey. Anything they read beforehand is meant to clarify details.

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  1. QUESTION: Is AcuDestress for adults only? Can youth benefit ?

  2. ANSWER: It is little acknowledged outside the therapeutic community that 15-21 % of youth have treatable mental and emotional illnesses, that 30% have thought about suicide or that 10% have attempted suicide. These are astonishing figures, made even worse the other astonishing one - that in Canada only one in six youth needing treatment ever receives it. AcuDestress uniquely taps into youth’s ability to benefit from our programs even faster and more thoroughly than older adults.

  3. I am not going to tell you that youth rush to AcuDestress while avoiding mainstream approaches. The best I can say is that to my knowledge, no youth who has attended has bad-mouthed it to their peers. That represents quite a difference from many youth psychiatric institutions. Adolescent youth from 16 up find and will tell others that they quite enjoyed it, benefitted from it, and enjoyed being warmly and non-judgmentally accepted in a mostly adult environment, largely because talk about blame and guilt is absent from the conversation. Youth in difficulty often avoid therapy as they associate it, correctly or incorrectly, with their behaviour being criticized. This is not so with AcuDestress.

Stigma attached to treatment for emotional problems aside, youth who have attended Acudestress tend to do even better than the adults around them, as they have had self-destructive patterns for a shorter period of time and therefore find new pathways easier to acquire...



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AcuDestress is a life-altering energy-shifting training session, by which, following one month of treatment, non-meditators fast track to mindfulness, then learn neuroplasticity, all initiated/sustained/modulated by AcuDetox ear acupuncture. Many recipients report that they become able, subsequently, to manage stress without psychotherapy and some are able to come off psychoactive medication.

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