Dr. Bailey’s intake appointment are held at the same location where group sessions are held at Southeast Ottawa Community Health Centre (Bank and Riverside, across from Billing Bridge Shopping Centre.) To attend an appointment take the elevator to the sixth floor and present yourself at the desk near the entry elevator.

Dr. Bailey’s intake appointment clinic days at Southeast Ottawa CHC are held on Interactive television (OTN) and only occasionally face-to-face.

Your experience of AcuDestress begins with an individual intake visit of one hour, which is  covered by OHIP fully and approximately 90% by the Régie de l’assurance maladie de Québec.  After your intake appointment you decide whether to attend.

Our program coordinator,  Jane Vance (Ontario and Quebec  registrations) is at 613-319-6750.

Leave a message and Jane will return your call.

Jane’s e-mail is: 


Our staff can give current information on fees, arrangements for post-dated cheques, various methods of payment, program dates and availability which may not always be known to other personnel including the staff at OTN/SEOCHC.

Dr. Bailey only does clinical work, not bookings or provision of information  Please do not call or e-mail Dr. Bailey about fees. Call our office and you will be looked after.

Most of our individual appointments are now conducted over interactive television thanks to the Ontario Telemedicine Network OTN.) This is like Skype, but it is securely encrypted to ensure confidentiality. If you need more information, our staff will gladly talk to you about this. Please let Dr. Bailey determine if he needs to see you in person. A 45-60 minute intake psychotherapy appointment (covered 100% by OHIP and by le Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec.) is the initiating step to decide whether AcuDestress is for you.

From the information received at this appointment about how your particular situation may respond to our program, you’ll decide, on your own, afterwards, having thought it over, whether to attend or not. 

The entry criteria are having mental and/or emotional and/or physical symptoms of a longstanding stressful nature which are currently not responding to treatment. In other words - you are “stuck.”

Registering requires a firm commitment to attend all 16-18 program sessions (unless individually negotiated). All programs include a 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. session. Some (most) also include at 11:30-1:00 p.m.  version.  You may switch between sessions according to your availability on any given day.




and Information

Southeast Ottawa Community Health Centre  

1355 Bank St. at Riverside (Billings Bridge area)


General public call: 613-319-6750 for bookings and information. Patients of Southeast Ottawa CHC or other CHC’s call 613-737-7195 ask for

Dominique at ext. 2416 or Christian at ext. 2353

There is free parking while at SEOCHC along the right (south) side of the building, well marked for patients use. You must register your car licence at the main desk on the 6th floor and sign in.

If you are a patient of South East Ottawa CHC or another of the Ottawa CHCs, call Southeast Ottawa at 613-737-7195 or 613-737-5515  ask for   Dominique Massé at Ext. 2416 or Christian Porciuncula at Ext. 2353 and tell them you are interested in AcuDestress with Dr. Bailey

COSTS for the program, when applicable, are laid out precisely ON THE PAGE NAMED COST. Be sure to check! Many insurers cover our costs but you must check with them yourself. Please inquire from Rita how to check with insurers, as they do not negotiate accounts with providers such as ourselves.

Advance Reading

Click here to initiate your in-depth learning about AcuDestress, online, from The Magic of AcuDetox Part 1.  AcuDestress’ use of

5-point ear acupuncture is explained. After your reading, and your intake session, make you choice whether to attend.

Are you gluten sensitive? We find that about b50% of our prospective clients with hard-to-treat stressful lives will be discovered to be gluten sensitive. This will be dealt with and discussed during your intake interview and on Day 2 of the group session. Do you know? CLICK HERE to read Ch. 4 of  The Magic of AcuDetox before seeing Dr. Bailey.


Southeast Ottawa CHC location:

INTAKE APPOINTMENT : We have a very important MEDICAL HISTORY FORM for you to download,  print, fill out and bring to your initial visit. Please download it here...

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PATIENT HISTORY FROM (bring to intake session filled out)appointments_files/Patient%20History%20Form%20June%202019.pdfappointments_files/Patient%20History%20Form%20June%202019.pdfappointments_files/Patient%20History%20Form%20June%202019.pdfshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2
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